Friday, May 6, 2011


Bringing it for Japan!

To the first fundraising initiative under Project Surya
Japan, we love you!

A Poem by Viola Nelson

Poor poor lonely computer
Do u really know what love is?
-Prince, “Computer Blue

Computer Blues

The glowing screen is a witness as she sits
with the weight of a thousand heartbreaks
The glint of sadness in her eyes
the survivor of a thousand lies
She cries into her wine
looking for what the soul can’t find
and sighs:
“I will spend another night alone
Talking on the telephone
Meetings only take place
in cyber-space
And I for one
can’t live that way”.
In this new millennium
Easy go and easy come
Digital communication
Where have all the love stories gone,
The old ones, written about in songs
that told of the human touch and such?
“I want to feel you”, she says in her head,
staring at his texts, laying across her bed
Looking into another’s eyes
Been replaced
by sound-bytes or some device
And as she turns off the world
with a remote control,
She wonders:
“Does everyone else
miss the touch
of another?”
She closes her eyes
and wraps her arms
around empty space
Until the night is gone.

Viola Nelson
June 4, 2010